Joey and Me

I think being a house cat is pretty good. I don't have to hunt for my food and I get my fur combed whenever I demand it. Even if my folks are sound asleep, I'll wake them up and demand my white coat be given attention! Sometimes they try to ignore me. Hmph!

The other human who lives here brought in an orange cat from half-way across the country a while ago! Joey is the only cat I knew at the time who could brag about riding in an airplane. Joey's special just like me! His legs are normal sized, but he has a ton of toes! I have 20 toes on my cute little paws and Joey has 26! His paws look like baseball mitts!

He was an okey cat to be around, but sometimes he was kinda mean. We played together a lot and I like to have him chase me up and down the stairs. Joey is a "wrestler" though and he liked to jump on my back a lot. I didn't enjoy that one bit!

Joey moved back to Michigan a bit ago, so I was by myself for about a year when mom decided that I was being a pest and I needed a playfriend. So she flew down to Oakland, California for a few days. There she met up with her Unkie, and the two of them took a 2 hour road trip to Kelseyville to pick me up a friend. She even traveled back on the plane with her. Her name is Reba and she's a short legged cat too! Now I don't have to worry about being stepped on by another feline.

Reba baby picture

Reba and I get along just fine, and it's nice to have someone around that I can see eye to eye with. We're a little opposite though, as she likes warm places to sleep and I prefer cool spots like concrete and linoleum. Even if she is a little odd and weird (she plays fetch like a dog!) we still get along just fine.