I was born on October 20, 2001. My dad's name was Alexland Maximum Elegance (whew!) and my mom is Charming Trinket. My cat-dad was a HUGE tan Persian cat and my cat-mom is a short legged black and white cat. We lived in a little house in southern Oregon, quite close to the border of California. The house was called Katnip Kuties and there was defiantly a lot of cute kitties around. I had lots of aunts and cousins to play with!

My first picture
My first picture!

Did you know I had a new home waiting for me even before I was born? My Hume-mommy had been waiting for me to be born for months! She gave me my name soon after I came around so it's the only name I've ever known. It's kind of a long name, so usually I just go by Boo instead. Besides, Boo is just a lot more fun to say. Boo boo boo...

A few months later it was time for me to go to my new home in the northern part of Oregon. My new mom and dad started the trip down to get me even before the sun woke up. It took them about 6 hours to drive all the way down to pick me up. On the way back I did not like the carrier they put me in so I yelled and screamed as loud as I could. My new dad had to take me out and put me on his lap so I could look out the window as we drove back to my new home. We both ended up falling asleep through most of the trip.

My new home was very large compared to what I was use to. There was even a staircase that I couldn't walk up because I was so small. The bed the Hume's slept in was even bigger! They had to stack short boxes together so I could jump onto the bed. The first night at my new home was a little scary, but I slept on top of some stuffed toy because it was so comfortable. I believe my new mom called it a "Neenja Turdle".

I'm much bigger now and I still like to hang out with that weird Turdle thing every so often. I can even jump on the bed without having to use boxes as a mini-staircase.